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Starting Monday, June 19 [Jun. 15th, 2006|08:31 pm]
OOC: Life_Interupted
Okay, so we are going to start this RPG on Monday, June 19. I'll post the first thread (a Diana/Maia one) that afternoon. I want these to be the first threads for each character, so it will make sense that this takes place after last season's finale. The people in parenthesis are characters we don't have, and may get that can join the threads.

1. Diana/Maia/(Marco)

2. Tom/Alana/(Kyle)

3. Shawn/Isabelle

4. Richard/(Lily)

After that, we can take it in any direction we want.

I'll post back here on Monday giving tips on how to create a thread, reply to one, ect.