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How to Create/Respond to a Thread [Jun. 19th, 2006|08:31 am]
OOC: Life_Interupted
Okay, since it is now Monday, June 19, 2006 we can finally start this RPG. Now, since many of you are new at this, here are some helpful hints:


1. First make sure your character is not in any other thread. If they are, then you must finish up the other thread before you create one or move on.

2. There are two methods to post a thread. If you have the navigational bar,you go into the community view (the one without the list of characters). Simply click "Post to this community" If you don't have a navigational bar, just go to the "Community Info" view of the community (the one with the list of characters). You go up to the tab that says "Journal" and click on the word "Update". You then must go the bottom and change the box that says "Post to:" to the community name (life_interupted).

3. Start with the subject, or name of the thread. Come up with something creative, don't just put "In a Car" do something more like "Rude Awakening". After that, your character must tag one of more character (depends on how many people you want in your thread). You simply put parenthesis around the word (Tag: Isabelle). So the subject of a thread should look like this: Rude Awakening (Tag: Isabelle)

4. Now go onto the entry. This is where you actually write the story out. You start off establishing anyway you like, just make sure the whole this is in THIRD PERSON and that you only give what your own character is thinking. Try to leave the ending open for the other person to respond, and that does not mean to end every entry with a question.

5. Then go onto the options. You leave "Security" "Auto-Format HTML" "Current Location" "Music" "Tags" "Entry is Backdated" "Comment Settings" and "Screen Comments" alone. So you are only left with "Mood" "Userpic" and "Post to:" to change. "Mood" is optional. If you have a clear mood your character is feeling, than use that. If not, leave it empty. For "Userpic" you just pull down the menu and pick one of the userpics that will show up on your post. Try not to use the same picture in every post, change it every post or two. The last thing is "Post to:" All you need to do is check to make sure that it is posting to the right community, and not your character's journal.


1. Once your viewing the community, and see all the open threads, search for one that includes you. If one doesn't, just create a thread (see above). But if you do, and "|Get Abducted|" (means "Post Comment") is the only option under the thread, then go to Step 2. If you see "# Abducted" next to it, then skip to Step 3.

2. If you press "|Get Abducted|" you'll be taken to a similar entry box as the one in Step 3 of the other walk through. Keep "Logged in user" the same, leave "Subject" blank, change the "Picture to use" and leave "Don't auto format" blank. You then type your response in the "Message" box. Make sure it reflects what the other character(s) said in their last entry!
When you are done and want to spell check, check the box that says "Check spelling during preview" and then the "Preview" button. Make any spelling changes, and then click "Post Comment."

3. Once you press "|# Abducted|", you are taken to a view that shows all of the responses. That includes yours and the other character's. Read the other character's latest response, and then go to the bottom. Click on "(Reply to this)" under the latest post. This is so the other character gets an e-mail that states your latest reply (you are also able to reply in the e-mail, but you have limited options). Keep the "Subject" blank, and the change your "Userpic" to the one you want to be seen in this reply. Type your reply in the "Message" box, and when you are finished you can either check the "Check Spelling and Preview" button if you want a spell check, or simply press "Post Comment." If you want the spell check, you keep the box checked and press "Post Comment" as well. In the spell check mode, fix and mistakes and then press "Post Comment" again.

4. If the responses begin to get off the page, click "(Post a new comment)" instead, and do the same as described in Step 3.

5. Once there are more than 30 responses, and you are not yet finished the thread, then it is recommended you create a new one that continues with what is being said in the current one.