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OOC: Life_Interupted [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
OOC: Life_Interupted

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Layout [Jun. 13th, 2006|11:49 am]
OOC: Life_Interupted
Does anyone have any good ideas for a layout picture? The one I have is big and unattractive. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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New Characters [Jun. 13th, 2006|09:38 am]
OOC: Life_Interupted
We just got a Tom (tom_baldwin03), Kevin (kevin_burkhoff), and Diana (agent_skouris). I also wanted to know if anyone wanted a second character. So far, only I am playing two. If you want a second one, make sure they aren't close to your main one. Like since I play Richard, I wouldn't want Isabelle or Lily as a second character. Or if you play Tom, you wouldn't want Shawn or Diana as a second character.
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OOC_Interupted [Jun. 12th, 2006|04:14 pm]
OOC: Life_Interupted
This is wear all of the players in life_interupted can post information when they are out of character (OOC). Here you can post birthdays, vacation announcements, your introduction as a character, etc. Have a great time RPing!

Right now, I have a possible Maia and Marco on the way. I'll post any new members here.

So far, there are the characters we have:

richard_tyler played by sjb121590
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